After decades of experience, Harmony Residential Properties has perfected the process through which your dream project is created.

Custom Design Changes

Whether you are bringing your own plans or allowing us to help find the perfect plans, you are given the opportunity to meet with us to “red line” your plan and make custom changes that incorporate your ideas and meet your needs.

Up-Front Fee Quote Guarantee

Harmony Residential Properties offers both a Cost-Plus Percentage option, or a Fixed Fee option, depending on the scope of the project. We believe in complete financial transparancy on each and every project which allows you to know where every dollar is spent.

Formal Meetings & Walks

From the beginning, we want to be sure we are meeting your needs. That’s why we have a preestablished plan to meet with you along the way.

Lot/foundation Walk – We meet onsite with you to review lot boundaries, home site location, topography and discuss grading requirements.

Plan Redline – We hold an in-office meeting to discuss construction phases and timetable, and to make design changes to the building plan in order to customize the plan to your specific needs and ideas.

Pre-Drywall Walk – To be sure all desired mechanicals are in place and framing specifications have been met prior to drywall, we walk the entire house with you prior to drywall installation.

Orientation Walk – Upon completion of the home we will meet onsite to walk you through the entire home and explain how everything works. We will also inspect the home together to make note of any item that needs attention.

Final Walk – Congratulations are in order! Your new dream home or project is complete!

Professional Designer

We offer a complete set of design services, from creating your vision of your dream project with architectural renderings, to designer lighting and home furnishings. Harmony Residential offers professional designer services to assist you in achieving the overall style and feel of your project as well as specific selections of paint, tile, granite, etc. Our designers guide you along the process of choosing your favorite style throughout your entire home.

Local Showrooms

Our partner suppliers offer local showrooms where you are able visit in person to choose appliances, lighting, flooring, tile and granite.

Safety is Our Priority

We require that all of our subcontractors and suppliers comply with, and insure the compliance by its employees, subcontractors and agents of, all applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances, statutes, rules, and regulations. In addition, for your safety when visiting the jobsite, we install temporary metal railings and walk boards.

Private Home Inspections

While not necessary, we welcome you to hire a private home inspector. Just be sure that your inspector is a full-time, GA certified and licensed inspector or registered engineer and maintains GL &WC insurance as required by law.

Insurance & General Lien Waivers

Harmony Residential Properties maintains General Liability ($1,000,000/$2,000,000) and Worker’s Compensation Insurance ($1,000,000). To further offer peace of mind, Harmony also provides a signed Lien Waiver releasing you of liability for any claims made by our vendors, suppliers or subcontractors.

Written Agreements

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we meet your expectations every step of the way. That is why we put everything in writing. We believe this philosophy allows us to stay focused on your needs and ideas for your new home. From start to finish, we document plan changes and building specifications in written documents. All we ask is that you carefully review all documents before signing them, to be sure we fully understand what you’ve instructed us to do. We take care of the rest!

Warranty & Peace of Mind . . .

Your new home is covered under a One-Year Home Warranty through a partnership between Harmony Residential Properties and the Greater Atlanta Homebuilder's Association. It’s simple, just submit your warranty request online or via email and receive prompt attention.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Harmony Residential Properties has a reputation as an honest builder because we set realistic expectations from our first meeting with you. We believe in full disclosure and “putting everything on the table”. That’s why we have happy homeowners and enojy exceeding your expectations.

Professional Development

In an effort to stay current with the ever changing best practices in our industry, we maintain partnerships with the following organizations:

  • National Home Builder’s Association

  • Georgia Home Builder’s Association

  • Greater Atlanta Home Builder’s Assoc.

  • National Remodelers Council